Die Horen [The Horae]

According to the Grimm dictionary, buccaneers are "those who seize foreign property by force on the sea in order to enrich themselves, without having authority for this seizure from any state". Pirates, corsairs and, to a certain extent, privateers are other synonymous phrases, all of which mark a counter-world, a world of freedom, audacity, adventurousness. They have been sailing through children's rooms with all their dreams for centuries, filling libraries and cinema halls. The sea becomes a space free of society into which the buccaneer Jenny fantasises just as much as later all those who see themselves subjected to "extreme standardisation" by the "consumer society", as P.P. Pasolini does in his buccaneer writings. Piraterie-horen seeks out all those critical, romantic, heterotopic ship planks and island beaches of self-empowerment in today's world and gathers them into one great seduction: "I wish I was back where`s forward [...] Where we are is always Libertatia" (Ja, Panik).

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